Planting The Digital Seed For Startup Success

C.C. Amaya, Inc. elevates startups, small businesses, and campaigns by developing digital products and creative strategy. Our storytelling and digital assets connect the dots between ideas and their audiences. Ready to cultivate your business or campaign?

Plant Your Seed

What We Do



From start to finish, we’ll build a story that captures your vision and captivates audiences. Our storytellers can plant the seed of excitement into your audience’s hearts & minds to create a loyal following.


Personalized Branding

After that seed is planted, we develop branding roots. Not all campaigns and businesses are alike, and similarly we establish the roots of unique branding opportunities for each message. Our services include logo creation, copywriting, and vision building.


Digital Development

From website creation to app development, we create stunning web designs for all digital marketing needs. Each digital design captures the business’ vision or campaign’s goals. Our digital designs are not just products, instead they bloom into assets.


Creative Strategy

After our web design has taken shape, we devise formative strategy for outreach through social media, digital marketing, and content creation in order for your business to flourish and cultivate success.

About Us


After more than a decade working in the editorial and film industries, founder C.C. Amaya has discovered that the art of storytelling is what drives genuine connections between people and ideas. We now strive to connect imaginative stories that can build those meaningful connections with the use of digital products.


From brainstorming to coding, we develop solutions for clients who are trying to find their way in the digital realm. Each digital design is branded and executed to fully encompass each client’s story, purpose, and goal.

Seed Projects

We focus on businesses and clients that are either in their startup phase, have no web presence, or need significant updating to their existing digital presence. We also offer campaign strategy once our initial branding and digital services are in place. We take on projects from their inception in order to guarantee overall cohesiveness and success.

Currently Cultivating: Breach

BREACH delves into the stories of five undocumented young men as they recount their experiences of life in the shadows since early childhood as illegal aliens in the U.S. With the September 5th, 2017 repeal of DACA, Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals, President Trump managed to steal the small glimmer of hope these US-raised youths once had for a path to legalization. Now their futures hang in the balance as they look for inspiration and courage to continue the uphill battle towards a normal, stable, and legal adult life. These stories illustrate the unconscious and involuntary breach of laws that all undocumented youth fearfully struggle with every day.

Help Us Plant This Seed


– A short film inspired by the nation’s current state of unrest caused by the recent immigration executive orders.



– A documentary that delves into the stories of five undocumented young men as they recount their experiences of life in the shadows since early childhood as illegal aliens in the U.S.


Project: (Her) Voice

– A 6-week women’s writing workshop that culminated in a performance of the short stories of the extraordinary women writers and their connection to the U.S. military.


Child 31

– An inspirational short film about the works of Mary’s Meals and its founder, Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, to rid the world of poverty through nourishment in schools.

Cultural Cultivation

C.C. Amaya, Inc. not only creates campaigns for clients, but we also take on our own storytelling seed projects in order to grow humanitarian roots. We choose causes that align with our ideals of justice, dignity, cultural conservation, and compassion. If you have an idea or would like to learn more about our current seed projects, reach out to us.

Plant With Us

How We Work


  • Before we determine if we are an ideal fit for a client, our process begins with a SEED STUDY, where we identify the company’s necessities and if we truly can make an impact on their current and future goals. The SEED STUDY is an intensive inquiry into the current issues the company’s digital presence is experiencing and if we’re the agency to help them grow.
  • It includes: A thorough analysis of your business or campaign, its mission, current digital presence, and potential cultivation of success.
  • It is followed by: A STORYTELLING SESSION (brainstorm) with the potential client to develop ideas, themes, goals, and strategy.
  • Finally, the client is presented with the SEED PROJECT PROPOSAL, which includes the story creation, and strategy for development of digital assets, and potential cultivation methods.



  • Once our strategy is set, C.C. Amaya, Inc. gets to work on the branding, digital product design and development, and Search Engine Optimization.
  • We develop websites, blogs, YouTube channels, mobile apps, visual designs, and any other asset the company needs in order to guarantee its success.
  • Thorough training is included after the development of the technology, to ensure proper use and easy management for the client of all of their newly-developed digital assets.
  • We also offer continual hosting, maintenance, and support if the client decides to retain us for their longterm goals.



  • After the development of branding and digital products, we work to implement the strategy necessary to cultivate the company’s or campaign’s success.
  • From social media to advertisement, C.C. Amaya, Inc. offers the approach to tackling the media landscape in order to spread the newly-created message to those who need it most.
  • While continual digital marketing is only offered to special case campaigns or clients, we ensure that every one of our SEED PROJECTS are equipped with the tools and steps needed to grow their business or influence.